Video is not working:
Install the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player. The Flash Player is a free download:
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Video is choppy or regularly buffering:
Check your connection speed. The webcasts will be streaming at approximately 400-600 kbps on average, but occasional spikes to 800kbps or 1 mbps may occur. So, a high-speed connection (DSL or cable modem) is required. A 56K, dial-up modem will not be able to receive the video successfully. Visit and click the "Begin Test" button. Test values for download speed should consistently exceed 800 kbps (0.8 mbps) to avoid sputtering or buffering. For some webcasts, multiple bitrates may be available and presented as options in the control bar of the video player. Select the lower bitrate if your video quality is poor at the higher bitrate. If you are using a wireless connection, or if you are sharing your internet connection with others, this may also adversely affect your ability to watch the webcast. For best performance, connect your computer directly to your high-speed source (modem, router, etc.).

Problems logging in:

Your username and password are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, you can request it to be sent to you via e-mail:
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If your username and password continue to be rejected, it is likely a cache issue. Clear your cache (temporary internet files), quit your web browser, re-open your browser and try to access the webcast again.

Still can't figure it out?
If you have reviewed the FAQs and the troubleshooting steps above but still are unable to connect to the video content, please contact us via the Pack Network support form (will open in a new window). Please indicate the webcast you are trying to watch and any error messages you are receiving.

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